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Re: [IP] Re: Exercise - Eat More Sooner AND Less Later?

In a message dated 7/7/00 9:25:35 AM, email @ redacted writes:

<<  If exercise speeds up the absorption and more food is needed to

cover the quicker absorption, will there not be less insulin available later 

For me, the answer would be no - assuming I did not eat so much that my blood 
glucose went high.  Exercise not only speeds up my absorption, but also makes 
me more insulin sensitive, and this seems to last awhile.  In the old MDI 
days, when I would try to get by on short-acting insulin during the day 
without any long-acting (because I never got the xxx things to peak 
predictably), it was sometimes a challenge to keep insulin coverage til the 
next meal.  If I exercised while the insulin was still available, I always 
found the insulin to last longer.  (If I was already starting to run out of 
insulin when I began exercising, even if my blood glucose was still good when 
I started, it would begin to go way up as soon as I exercised to any extent 
-- this is of course a different issue, but I didn't want anyone thinking an 
IDDm could just exercise to keep blood sugars down without insulin!)  Of 
course, if I overcorrected for a low after exercise, the insulin went toward 
bringing down the blood sugar and my tests would be high, but I wouldn't have 
that rising effect with exercise that occurred when the insulin just wasn't 
there.  These latter effects may well vary if the person has residual insulin 
production, like a Type II or like someone still in the honeymoon period.

Linda Z
dx1955 at age 8
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