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[IP] Microalbumin and other Questions

Hi. I've noticed all the recent posts regarding Ace Inhibitors and
protein in the urine and now have a few questions of my own. For the
last 2 years my endocrinologist has had me take a Urine Creatinine test
along with a Random Quantity Microalbumin test instead of a 24 hr
microalbumin test. Previous to this, all of my 24 hr tests were well
within the low normal range, and my recent Creatinine/Rand. Microalbumin
ratios were also in the normal range. My endo says that since my A1c's
are regularly in the 6.3 range and my Blood Pressure is ok that I don't
need to do the 24 hr. I'm wondering if this could be due to increased
pressure from insurance co.'s for cost cutting or if this is just a
normal course of action for these circumstances. Also, instead of
scheduling appts for every 3 months, he says he now wants to see me
every 4 months. I thought the ADA recommended appt was for every 3
mths???? I've been pumping since Jan 2000 and love it! I'm happy with
the idea of visiting the doc one less time per year and I'd like to
think that all these actions are due to me wearing the pump, but I
stillwonder if its a cost cutting measure on his part. I've been seeing
this doc for about 14 years and have been very happy with him, but
wonder if its time to look around for another? I am 37 years old and was
diagnosed in November 1981.

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