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[IP] Pump Run-Ins

Hey guys last weekend I had a funny situation I just had to share...well two
of them.

1.  I went to the dress shop to try on my bridesmaid dress and to have any
final adjustments made. (We won't go into how horrible the dress was).  I
was trying to figure out how to prepare the fitter on my pump and decided
not to say anything and let her ask the questions.  The set was in my leg
and the pumped tucked in my bra with 4 feet of tubing doing it's own thing.
She looks at me and asks, "so how do you like the pump?".  Surprised I told
her I LOVED it and she told me her friend was getting one finally after all
sorts of insurance problems.  She was very excited for her.  So there will
be a new pumper soon in the Utica, NY area. :)

2.  At the wedding I was walking around doing my bridesmaids duty of talking
to guests eating plenty of food :), so my pump is ticking away.  I was
talking to this gentleman who asked me when I had my heart surgery and how
the artificial ticker was.  Confused, I asked him where he got that idea.
He said, "well I heard your heart ticking and I thought I would ask since my
brother is going to have it done in a few days."  Trying not to laugh I
explained to him what it was and actually fished it out so he could see. (As
I said in my last email the Go Fish method works for me).

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