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[IP] What a puzzle!

My bgs have been all over the place for the last couple of months. The highs
have been higher and more frequent but with no real pattern. Little that has
worked before seems to be working now. I was really expecting my A1c to be
higher than ever before. BUT it actually dropped .2 in the last six months.
SO, even though I've been testing more frequently and having more high
readings, my problem seems to be the result of too many lows.

Here's why I didn't really come to the conclusion before the A1c. I can
usually detect lows (or so I thought). I've been working on the lows for
awhile. In the middle of January I started lowering my basals, changing my
bolus ratio and raising my targets slightly. Be aware that my insulin
requirements are on the low side and I make very small adjustments (basals
currently average about 6.2; total insulin/day usually under 25u; 1u drops
me 100 pts). That's one reason that I was so resistant to the idea that lows
were causing my problems. My insulin use is low and my test results were
high. Would YOU think it was because of lows?

Two main things I think have been happening: 1) I've been going low during
the meal and 2) my body has gone crazy and is quick to respond by dumping
what it thinks I need. I think that this has been a problem all along but
has become more pronounced lately.

My new strategy is: split my bolus and take 60% before the meal and 40%
after (usually a half to one hour later).  My big concern is that I am
forgetful. I am afraid that I will forget that second part of the bolus. I
leave my meter case open right by me but that doesn't always work if I get
involved in what I'm doing. I hate to just sit and eat so I'm usually
working or reading while I eat. Did I mention that I'm forgetful?

So, for me, when an unexpected high occurs, I will force myself to consider
lowering my insulin. But then, the next part of the puzzle is "Is it a
rebound or a REAL high?"

pumping since 9/96

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