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RE: [IP] Re: remote control on MiniMed

If I can't hear the audio bolus in a noisy situation I do one of the

1. Go fish - hey I used to lift up my shirt at country clubs, during dinner,
and jab a syringe into my stomach, pulling my dainty little pump out of my
bra probably wouldn't phase me.  I place it between my boobs and a direct
pull can be done pretty discreetly if I feel like being lady like.  Only the
tubing coming out would tip people off.  And hey for some reason my husband
likes watching me put my hand there...go figure.

2. Get up and go somewhere quieter, but this is rare normally I would go

3. On RARE occasions I would turn vibrate on, but normally in situation
where I am dressed up and using the remote, I am taking large amounts of
insulin for insane amounts of food.  By battery probably wouldn't make it
through the 150g of carb and 15u bolus, and my chest probably wouldn't like
the 10 minutes of vibrations. :)

Best of luck on figuring out what is best for you.

-- Sherry

PS - Today I am wearing a dress at work, my blue MM508 tucked in a cute
little newborn Old Navy Baby Sock, and it has been fished out 2 times
already and I will be pulling it out again in a few minutes for
lunch...remote feature not even turned on. :)
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