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[IP] Bolus not working?

we have been having same problem with geneva as of late.  I know that food
often causes it...like last night, she ate a hershey bar at 9 pm.  went to
bed and was only 157 at 10:30.
I happened to test at 2:30 for some reason...she was 372.

now..I know that when she has a growth thing,  it doesn't spike that high.

no explanation here.


> This has happened once before with Brian, and I'm pretty sure it's the
> site - but I was wondering if anyone has any comments/explanations....
> Starting yesterday around morning snack Brian was about 300.  I
> corrected and gave him his normal meal bolus -.......
>So basically he was high all night, the corrections
> didn't do a darn thing until this morning for some reason

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