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[IP] type ii and use of lots of insulin

Hi diane - you said.....

Diane Holcomb 
I am 49 year old Type II insulin dependent diabetic. I use the MiniMed 508 
insulin pump to maintain a HGBA1c of 5.9.  I know the insulin pump is for 
Type I diabetics. However in November of 1999, my BG levels stayed in the 
400-600 range no matter how much insulin subcue I took. I was in the 
hospital for 3 weeks receiving IV insulin. With that my BG level stayed in 
the 200-300 range. Last month, we finally got my BG levels stable. I 
require 3 different basal rates which total 124units of Humalog every 24 
hours. I have a different pre meal bolus calculation  for each meal.I use 
the CHO/Insulin  formula. For example for breakfast: I take 5.5 units of 
Humalog for every 5gms of Carbohydrates.  Lunch is 4.5 units/5CHO and 
dinner is 4units/5CHO. As you can imagine I require about 300 units of 
insulin qd. I allow myself up to 145gms of CHO daily.

welcome to the list!  I'm also type II and use more than 200 units/day - glad to know I'm not the only one who uses lots!  so do you change your cartiridge every day?  how do you do that at work, if you work?  what is your routine with that?


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