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[IP] Anyone tried Zinc Air batteries?

I was looking into alternate sources for batteries for my MM pump,
which should use a 357 or 675 battery.  The Silver Oxide batteries
are the correct ones (Zinc air have a lower voltage: 1.4V versus 1.55V
for silver oxide).

Has anyone ever tried a Zinc-Air battery?  I understand they don't last
long - but would like to hear from experience.  From the lower voltage,
they may not work at all (they may make the "Lo Battery" alarm go off)??

In my search for batteries, I did find some interesting information
about the various batteries....  Here's a few of the batteries, and
their charge capacity (which sorta-kinda relates to how long a battery
will last).   Assuming I get 5 weeks for a 150 mAH battery, here's also
some guesstimates of battery life (YMMV: based upon insulin use, and
the other bells, lights and whistles..).  In real life, I do get at
least 6 weeks of life out of the 675G batteries from MM (using 25-35
units/day, no lights, or remote RF device)...

Battery         Capacity       Life Guesstimate
357              150 mAH       35 days  (5 weeks)
675            150-195 mAH     35-45 days (up to 6 weeks)
S76E             195 mAH       45 days  (6 weeks)
357XP (Maxell)   290 mAH       67 days  (9 weeks)

If the 357XP holds to it's promise, that comes out to almost twice the
length of battery life, compared to the standard 357!  All of these 
listed above, are the silver oxide versions of batteries..

Also, in my looking for other battery sources, I tried the local
"Batteries Plus" store (a chain of battery stores - which do business 
here in Colorado anyway).  They sold me some "357" batteries, which 
were really LR44 batteries.  They didn't work - but the store clerk
wanted to argue that "a 1.5V battery is the same as another 1.5V 
battery"....  I told her I wanted silver oxide - preferably the 675.
Luckily, I had some MM batteries in my pocket, but tried these knowing 
I had some good batteries as a back up!


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