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[IP] RE: Trigger finger...er, thumb?

During the last 15 years, I have had both thumbs and several fingers
"trigger" up on me. I spent years trying to find out what the cause was.
X-rays showed nothing. The way the problem worked, my right thumb went
trigger first (I think it was 1991), stayed that way for about a  year
(rough estimate)  and then for some reason returned to near normal function
(I did lose some range of motion).
     Just as that thumb cleared, the other thumb triggered on me. Again
after a year or so that returned to near normalcy, and then it was my ring
fingers that went trigger. I should mention that prior to this (In 1986,
actually) I developed  a weird arthritis in my hips. This first caused me by
far the worst impairment. It was an ordeal climbing stairs, putting on
stockings and getting in and out of a car. Same story: It cleared up
somewhat after a year or so, although I have definitely reduced range of
motion for my legs.
   Also In the middle of my trigger fingers I got frozen shoulder. (about
1993 or '94)
   Most were stumped. Finally, I met a rheumatologist who had seen it before
in many diabetics. He said my "trigger finger"  was diabetes-related
arthritis, involving the same capillary generation that deep-sixes our eyes
sometimes. (Yep, I've got retinopathy too.)  He had some big names for the
condition which I have long since forgotten. His advice, fight to keep you
BGs down and do this exercise of placing the palms of my hands together as
though praying or making a steeple, then press the palms even flatter
against each other. This supposedly helps stretch out the ligament that is
shortening through the disease process and causing the arthritis.
    I'm mostly just putting up with the stiffness. (the pain subsided) I
would try the cortisone or surgery if ever I heard enough people say this
provided for them a permanent fix.
    I can't help believing that "trigger finger,"  "frozen shoulder," game
keepers thumb" and whatever name we might  find for the hip thingy are all
the same malady.   (calling things by their technical names e.g. adhesive
capsulitis instead of frozen shoulder, doesn't explain them in my opinion.)
   If you or anyone does find a solution or makes some discoveries about
these problems, please let me know. If anyone else has experienced a
migrating arthritis like I've described I'd certainly be interested in
hearing about it.


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