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[IP] using the insulin in the tubing

Yesterday I left for work w/o my spare kit, and ran out of insulin.  I
recalled reading (several months ago) a technique for using the insulin in
the tubing even if the reservoir is empty.  Unfortunately i couldn't find
any related messages in the archive.  Since home was 45 miles away, i tried
to figure it out on my own.  I put air in the reservoir to replace the
insulin that's needed to push against what's in the tubing.  But the
movement of the insulin in the tubing was caused by gravity rather than the
pump motor.  Luckily i learned from this list how much insulin corresponds
to an inch movement in the tubing and was able to deliver enough to get
myself home, but it was not a very good technique!  Did i completely
misunderstand the original post?  Is there a way to get the pump to use the
insulin in the tubing, or were the instructions for using a syringe? 
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