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[IP] Premphase

	>>>>SNIP>>> Carol asked: are there any members on the medication
premphase, taken for menopause
> symptoms, what were the effects on your blood sugars?    carol<<<<SNIP
	I have take Premphase for about 5-6 years.  I never noticed any
effect with my bgs.  However, even though the docs didn't agree with me,
menopause sent my bgs all over the place, way high.....and roller coaster.
The more hot flashes (power surges now) the higher the bgs.  Premphase
seemed to calm things down.  I physically felt better and bgs were better.
Shortly after this period I started on the pump.  My bgs are very good now
(5.8 last April - due for another check in a couple of weeks).  

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