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[IP] RE: Children Pumping and me venting

<< Does your endo practice have any children on the pump? >>

Yes, Our endo has a lot of kids pumping.  Maybe I am being impatient.  We 
just started with this endo a few months ago. Perhaps he needs time to get to 
know us but I just want it done now!  When he saw us the nurse asked Cory a 
math question.  It was just a simple thing that he normally would have had no 
problem with.  His blood sugar was nearly 500 and he couldn't answer her.  
She told him he had to be real good at math in order to have a pump!  This 
was about 1 pm and he was not supposed to get anymore insulin until 6 pm.  I 
knew he was high, could tell by his actions, but we hadn't done a test so I 
wasn't sure how high he was.  As soon as we got to the car I had him do a 
blood test and do an injection immediately!
I have already contacted the insurance company and they said if the doctor 
says a pump is medically necessary they will pay for it minus the deductible 
and copay.  I think I just need a doctor to prescribe one!  
Someday --- yes surely someday --- Cory will have better control!
Grand-mom to Cory
age 10 ~ dx'd 12/28/98
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