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Re: [IP] Response Re: Disetronic v. Minimed pump comparison


I appreciate the response, although I wanted to keep my post centered on
the pump models that I have used and am currently using so I was talking
about stuff I knew the most about.  I don't have any direct experience with
the model 508.  Also, the post that I was putting together was already
getting pretty long.  Sorry... hope you didn't think I was trying to ignore
your post.

Anyway, the remote sounds great, and I would definitely use it if I owned
that model (508).  There are actually some other features that are pretty
exciting about the 508 model, and also the Disetronic D-Tron.  One of the
new features I find exciting is the multiple basal profiles.  That has been
on my wish list for some time now.  I would like to have that feature, but
unfortunately I know that there is no way I could talk my insurance company
into letting me upgrade again after just 2 years (I think I was lucky to
get the other upgrade from the H-Tron to the 507C).  Either that or my
stock picks will have to improve substantially :)  I think that I'm going
to wait until the model 511 comes out and then do some comparison shopping
and perhaps upgrade (I think I read that the model 511 will have an analog
DC motor vs. the clicking stepper motor that MiniMed currently uses, which
would be quieter).

I know there must be alot of people who use the audio bolus on their
MiniMed pumps and are very happy with it.  Also, I know that it is easy to
use... it is just not a feature I am happy with.  I was just used to the
way the Disetronic audio bolus worked, and found the one on the MiniMed
frustrating when compared to what I was used to with the Disetronic.  It's
little things, like if the MiniMed gets turned around in your pocket, you
have to fish it around so that the buttons are oriented towards the front.
And still, it can be difficult to know exactly which button you are
pressing because they are so close to eachother.   With the Disetronic,
this was never an issue because the buttons were on the side of the pump in
a recessed area which was easy to find no matter how it was oriented or
turned in my pocket.

Also, on my MiniMed, the buttons often "skip"... if I hit a button it will
register two presses when I only pressed once.  This gets REAL frustrating
for me, especially when trying to get to the bolus, temp basal, or priming
screens (besides the audio bolus).  I have better things to do than to play
"merry go round" with my pump screens (hopefully this isn't a widespread
problem).  I sent it in to get this fixed a while back, and it was better
for a while but the problem is back again.  It is just so much easier for
me to take the darn thing out and program the bolus in visually (I actually
like the way the MiniMed visual bolus works better than my Disetronic...
once I actually get the thing to land on the bolus screen, that is).

Do you find yourself using some of the newer features on your 508, such as
the multiple basal profiles?  How about the square wave/dual wave bolus
options that were introduced with the 507C (and I assume are on the 508)?

Best Regards,


Todd Beall wrote:

> <part of Eric's post>
> < I stated "I find the audio bolus on the MiniMed pretty useless", which
> is probably the wrong choice of words, though it is actually how I feel
> on the topic. >
> Hi Eric,
> I mentioned to you before (perhaps the post didn't get through?) that
> it's important to realize that the Minimed 508 has a remote unit that is
> fabulous, and certainly corrects any problems you may have had with the
> audible bolus on the 507. You hold down one button to "activate" it,
> then press another for the audible bolus (and press ACT to confirm). A
> piece of cake. (I also use the regular audio bolus on the MM 508 all the
> time--very quick and easy too)
> Thanks.
> Todd

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