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[IP] *&*&*ing insurance

Phil wrote
>  I will soon be off my pump.  Due to my
>  finances I can no longer afford the supplies.  

I will be happy to send you some MNMD reservoirs, I have a surplus for some 
reason.  If that will help let me know.  Surely there are others on the list 
who have stuff laying around they no longer use.

Call the pump companies and ask for samples of the sites you like...get 4 or 
5 or more people to do the same.  When Nita was having problems getting stuff 
for her daughter, I called Disetronic and requested samples of the rapid 
which is what Jessica uses, for "myself."   I then sent them to her...

Dont let the bastards win.  you dont want to go back to shots!!!  email me at 
email @ redacted if you want the MNMD reservoirs!

Sara SP NYC Princess
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