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[IP] ok i give up

OK, despite my earlier resistence to apply humanistic qualities to a machine, 
which I feel takes away MY power and gives it to the machine, i think i will 
jump on the band wagon and name my pump...

I have decided on Precious.....pronounced preh-SHUSHHH  be sure and lishp out 
the SHUSSSSSH part, kinda like Gollum in the Hobbit

it isnt so much the name, it is how it is said....

UNLESS someone has already used that name...so please let me know so I can 
get myself back OFF this silly bandwagon!  

dxed at age 10.5...assimilated 1993  MNMD shareholder and user
:-)=B xoxx~~[507]      Note CLEAR eye and short tubing!
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