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[IP] Re: Ace inhibitors...also a question

Linda wrote:

>Date: Thu, 6 Jul 2000 22:58:28 EDT
From: email @ redacted
Subject: Re: [IP] Re: Ace inhibitors...also a question

>OK, maybe I can encourage you a little.  My numbers for 24 hr urine
were usually running in the 225-250 kind of range for years, and are now
below 30 after pumping since Oct 98 and having normal A1c's for several
before that.<
I know that in teh less than 2 months I have been pumping my numbers are so
much improved!  That is going to help.
 >  I take only 5 mg of prinivil.  I did have one reading in the
500s some years ago and the clinic went into emergency mode, telling me to
come in 3 times a week for blood pressure readings (I had never had high
blood pressure). ,<
I always had excellent blood pressure until the last couple of years.  The
it would be sporadically good and bad!  but, the big thing was the swelling
of my ankles.  Sometimes they were swollen enough to be really sore.  I
wasn't sure what was causeing it but know now.  The good news is that since
I have been taking the 20mgs of monopril and using the pump, my ankles are
almost normal, very little swelling.  That has to be a good sign.

>I hope to hear one day that that is the direction yours takes also.<
Thank you, Linda.  Yours and Renee's messages have really made me fell a
whole lot better!
Linda Z

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