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Re: [IP] Re: Ace inhibitors...also a question

    I can't do anything to assuage your resentment against the former endo, 
BUT I can do something to alleviate your anxiety about the 600 mgs. You think 
that's a big number - try the 2600 mgs that my 14 yr old daughter had 3 yrs 
ago!!! That was a rebound after 2 wks on zestril (another ACE inhibitor) 
during which her 1200 mgs of protein jumped to 1500 mgs 10 days later. Her 
endo doubted it was due to the ACE inhibitor, but just in case, he took her 
off it for 2 wks & it soared to 2600 mgs - which is probably where my pulse 
was when he told me that over the phone!!!
   The happy postscript is that she was then put on Vasotec (2.5 mgs slowly 
increased up to 10 mgs daily) & 9 months later her 245 hr urine was 288 
mgs!!... one year later it was 300 mgs & this past spring it was 166 mgs!.....
    Sweet dreams! Hope this made you feel better....and now you see why I 
make such a pest of myself playing "Paul Revere", warning about the necessity 
of 24 hr urine checks!

Regards, Renee (Melissa's pump-mom & advocate..pumping 4 yrs +)
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