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Re: [IP] raising basals

> hmm, now my doctor says just the opposite, or rather, he does NOT
> raising basals to fix highs.  sometimes those few high days just need more
> insulin due to infection or stress or bad site, which should be taken care
> with conservative correction boluses....If you raise your basals, you may
> notice the slight roller coaster you board....the increased insulin is
> than you really need and it causes you to drop, which in turn causes your
> body to release counter-regulatory hormones to keep you from dying of
> "starvation" which is what your body THINKS<         etc, etc, etc,

thanks sara,  for reiterating what my brain has been cogitating for the last
few months.

I am just now seeing this very phenomenon with geneva,  (age 11).

we have been lowering her basals throughout the day and also at night....
seeing MUCH better numbers now.  (her carb ratios have IN-creased as a P>S>)

she WAS on  .5 during the day...and up to  1.2 - 1.3  from 9 pm - midnight.

now we are at  .3  during day...and only up to . 5      from 8 pm until
midnight.  her highest basal is only .6 now.    this is during the 2 am - 8
am period.

her total basals are 10 instead of 13 now.   and as I mentioned...her BG's
are much better.

I do believe you have described our situation exactly!


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