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[IP] Thanks everyone.

I just wanted to express my thanks to everyone who knowingly and unknowingly
helped me out with my pump problems.  I will soon be off my pump.  Due to my
finances I can no longer afford the supplies.  I have a huge bill with my
insurance company and they're gettin' pretty upset with me.  I'm not real
fond of the idea of shots again, but I don't have any other choice.  I've
been pretty frustrated with how things are going anyway.  I can't handle the
constant haggling from the insurance company and the frustration of my pump

Anyway, I'll be unsubscribing from the list also.  There are just too many
messages to read and I don't have enough time to read them all.
I will be back, hopefully, in couple of years after I pay off the   $#%&@#!
insurance bastards.  Those money grubbin' sons-o'-%$*&#'s really piss me
off. I pay them nearly $8000 every year and they can't even let me have a
little peace in my life.  They say they 'understand how hard Diabetes is'
and that 'they really want to help' me with my health care and that I am
'their first priority'.  I'ts all just a crock o' @*&%.  

I wish everyone the best of luck and I'll see ya around 2002.


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