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[IP] Re: Ace inhibitors...also a question

>Date: Thu, 6 Jul 2000 14:48:56 EDT
From: email @ redacted
Subject: Re:  [IP] Ace inhibitors

Since I've been back on the Vasotec for
almost a year my results have gone back down from the 30 or so mark to the
low single digits.  I would fight for it if I were you.  Unless you have a
problem with low blood pressure, I don't think there are any serious side
affects that would outweigh the prevention of kidney damage.   Good Luck.

IDDM since July 1976...born May 1975...pumping since March 2000 with
my blue minimed 508<

I have been holding on to this information for a while and even as I write
it I am afraid!

I went to a very prominent endocrinologist in my area, yet he never did a 24
hour urine.  I assumed he was doing other tests to be sure my kidneys were
doing okay for the past 10 or so years.  Last year I switched to another
doctor who certainly has done things that the 'best' did not do...one of
them being a 24 hour urine.  My number was very high.  When I see the 30
being mentioned here, I am really fightened to know how far gone my kidneys
probably are with a number way up in the triple digits.  I am hesitant to
print it, but will.  600.

My question, which I will of course discuss further with my doctor(we have
been mostly discussing the pump, started in May and basals and boluses, etc)
when I see him in August is:  With taking 20 mgs of Monopril and the
improved control I now have with the pump, can I possibly expect some
improvement in that urine protein number?

To complicate matters further, the first doctor, because he had such
difficulty getting my glucose readings in control(the very  first doctor
always said"let's wait and see") decided a pump was best and so now, because
he did not feel comfortable with pumps, I am with another doctor, equally
good!  Before he saw my number for the test, he was all excited about
getting the urine protein down to nothing and then when he knew, just said
it was a big number, 600, and to double the monopril (10 to 20).

I am hoping that there are things I can work at to reverse some of this.
Any ideas or encouragemnet with this will be greatly appreciated.  Wonder
what others have done.  It frightens me some and also makes me angry with
the supposedly 'best' endocrinologist who did not see this coming.  I don't
think it appeared overnight.


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