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[IP] Re:Children Pumpimg & add me venting!

<< I would think Cory at 10 would be old enough not to
 accidentally bolus.  >>

Cindy, I think Cory is old enough to handle this too.  He has always drawn up 
his own insulin and does a fine job and this electonic method seems to be a 
much easier and more accurate method of getting the correct amount of 
Today is not a good day though.  I talked with the nurse practioner about his 
daily highs before dinner.  Once again they want me to keep a 3 day reading 
and send it in.  I have done that over and over and over and over and over 
and over!   I am just sitting here crying.  Why does this child have to 
struggle continually if the pump would give him more even numbers.  Why does 
he have to be high all afternoon -- then crash after dinner -- only to spike 
again after bedtime snack and then be low again by 3 or 4 am.  I am just so 
sick of this.  If there is a better treatment method, why can't he have it?  
What would be the reason for denying or stalling a pump?  If things don't get 
straightened up in the next month or so, I think I am going to leave the 
state and go someplace where they believe in giving a child the best control 
that is available on the market today!  Why should he be miserable now and 
run all the risks that are associated with the long term effects of having 
diabetes if it can be avoided?  Why? Why? Why?  How did everyone else get a 
pump?  Why do some endos give them right away and others don't?  He is on 3 
shots a day (sometimes more) and follows his diet, exercies daily and still 
yo -yo's like crazy!  I'm sorry but I just feel so utterly helpless.  We have 
struggled so hard to have good control and our efforts seem so useless.  

Grand-mom to Cory
age 10 ~ dx'd 12/28/98
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