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[IP] Names and Emla (was: We are connected!)

> Caitlyn is using her pump "Blossom" with
> the micro.  She wants to be a power puff girl, 
> so she named her pump blossom, because it 
> will help her blossom into a healthy girl!  
heh *guilty-smile*  I've been bouncing around names for 
the past couple weeks as I'll be getting a pump before 
much longer, and one of the many I came up with 
was "buttercup" (my favorite powerpuffgirl) -- ((It was 
either that or SportySpice and that just sounded a 
little too "girlpower" for me...))

I'm strongly considering "Zilla" which is a Hebrew name 
meaning "shadow".  (note: "Sara" is also a Hebrew name, 
meaning "Princess")

On hearing my thoughts above, a friend also 
suggested "Kumiko" which is a Japanesse name 
meaning "Companion". (So far this one has my strongest 
vote, with "Zilla" comming in a close second)

Then there are some other thoughts such 
as "Spot", "Rex", "Dawg", and "Spike" trailing loosely 
on the Dog-On-A-Leash analogy, but I'm not over excited 
about those.

"Becca" factors in there somewhere for reasons I'm not 
even aware of, as does "Glephleblenarkogollaspuet" for 
equally non-sesical, and yet consideration worthy 

> 	Question to those of you that use EMLA:  
> How much do you pay for it?
I didn't pay for it directly for the short time I used 
it (non D reasons), but I found that it only worked a 
couple of times then my skin desensitized to its 

> a very small tube of it was offered to me, 
> via a prescription and despite double medical
> coverage, for $42.50!  I thought that that was 
> ridiculous, so I told them that I didn't want it.
*ick* $42.50 sounds insane...  Go out and get yerself 
some over the counter topical pain med, it'll probably 
be just as good...

-Sara G.

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