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Hello All!
	My five year old daughter, Caitlyn, began her saline run yesterday
afternoon.  She will go "live" on thursday of next week!  We are all
VERY excited around here!  We have been fighting for a pump for so long
(about 1 year) that it almost doesn't seem real!  Caitlyn had the
pleasure of injecting an insertion set into me!  I AM DOING THE SALINE
TRIAL WITH HER!  I borrowed an loaner pump from the mini-med rep, and am
wearing a soft-set insertion.  Caitlyn is using her pump "Blossom" with
the micro.  She wants to be a power puff girl, so she named her pump
blossom, because it will help her blossom into a healthy girl!  I was
surprised that the insertion didn't hurt at all!  I expected a nasty
little poke from the needle, and I didn't feel it at all(I think the ice
	Question to those of you that use EMLA:  How much do you pay for it? 
Kaiser in Northern California doesn't cover it, and a very small tube of
it was offered to me, via a prescription and despite double medical
coverage, for $42.50!  I thought that that was ridiculous, so I told
them that I didn't want it.  Can I get it for less someplace else?
	BTW:  Caitlyn named my pump "Tempie" because I will have it
temporarily!  Thank you all again for your help and continued support!

Carrie, mom to Caitlyn. dx'd 20 months, 5 Y.O. and FINALLY pumping!  
With mom pumping right along side her!
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