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[IP] Ace inhibitoirs

Sharon writes:
SMy doctor(s) didn't think I needed it(Ace Inhibitors) either and I went
from doc to doc
trying to find one that would put me back on my Vasotec.  See I had been
a fairly proactive doc that did prescribe an ACE inhibitor preventatively
then he moved and I eventually used up my pills and couldn't convince any
other doc that it was a good idea.  By the time I did find someone who would
put me back on it, I had indeed shown the trace amounts of protein that
other docs were "waiting for".  Since I've been back on the Vasotec for
almost a year my results have gone back down from the 30 or so mark to the
low single digits.  I would fight for it if I were you.  Unless you have a
problem with low blood pressure, I don't think there are any serious side
affects that would outweigh the prevention of kidney damage.   Good Luck.


Your docs are probably correct. There is a big nephropathy study going on
now as to the genetics of diabetic nephropathy. My nephro said I probably
don't need my Altace either bc I have low blood pressure even though I have
proteinuria and reduced creatinine clearance. I feel better about the Ace
inhibitor also. My mind is made up, don't confuse me with the facts!
Once in a while I get light headed in the morning from low blood pressure.
Dialysis is the one thing worse than diabetes.

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