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Re: [IP] Re: Delivery time/rate

At 01:13 PM 07/06/00 Keith Johnson wrote:
 >[Now I do begin to wonder about a processor upgrade. If I put a Pentium 5 in
 >my pump, or maybe a PPC 709 chip, and maybe upgraded my RAM so I could store
 >more bolus values... or how about a mini-hard disk to download the values?
 >And with a wireless modem on my MiniMed 507, could I upgrade to a 509 with
 >just a software update via the Web? Nah, system updates always require
 >better hardware, too. Oh, well. MiniMed needs to hire more geeks!]

I think it just needs a minor bios update and then you can tweak the clock 
speed from there. Just hit the "del" key while booting up your pump to get 
to the CMOS settings screen.


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