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Re: [IP] Re: Duct tape...

At 01:16 PM 07/06/00 RoseLea wrote:
 >Sam wrote:
 >>>Of course the best way to use duct tape to prevent premature "set-fallout"
 >(also known as "setus interruptus") is to wrap the tape completely around
 >your waist a few times, covering the infusion site of course. May not look
 >"purty", but it sure does the job. Handy hint: make sure you don't have
 >your shirt tucked in when you try this. :-)<<
 >Sam, you gave me a good laugh with this one... hmmmm then I could have the
 >rash all round my stomach.... wonder if one should use IV Prep before the
 >duct tape to lessen skin sensitivity?

You could wrap an old pillow case around your middle first, then duct tape 
over that... a bit bulkier perhaps, but then you can always tell people 
that you've just had major surgery and they haven't taken the dressings off 
yet. <vbg>


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