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[IP] Re: Delivery time/rate

Recently Jan and Bluda Sue gave us the following helpful information:

>My 507C takes 5 min. to deliver 6 units.
>Jan & Bluda Sue

Thanks, Jan! I couldn't time my noon bolus today: had to do an injection, to
test whether a suspect bottle of insulin was still good (long story).

So, lemme do the math... multiply 5 by 60... carry the two... square the
cross-product... subtract the vector invariant... haul out my PalmPilot...

OK, I figure you're getting 0.1 unit every 5 seconds (0.02 u/s). Yeah, that
sounds about the same as mine: one click every five seconds or so. I _knew_
it wasn't one click per second!

[Now I do begin to wonder about a processor upgrade. If I put a Pentium 5 in
my pump, or maybe a PPC 709 chip, and maybe upgraded my RAM so I could store
more bolus values... or how about a mini-hard disk to download the values?
And with a wireless modem on my MiniMed 507, could I upgrade to a 509 with
just a software update via the Web? Nah, system updates always require
better hardware, too. Oh, well. MiniMed needs to hire more geeks!]

Keith Johnson
Fleischmann Planetarium
email @ redacted
"Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana."
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