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[IP] Re: weird bubble movement (a la Lawrence Welk?)

Barb and others recently had a question:

> Has anyone else noticed
> that when you are priming a bubble out of the line that it moves at
> different rates?

OK, here's my Unsupported Speculation for the Day: what is it that's moving
at different rates? The bubble, right? But that may not mean the _insulin_
is moving at different rates. Especially if the bubble you're watching is
small, some insulin can slip around it. So the bubble won't move at the same
rate as the insulin necessarily. I've seen tiny bubbles get trapped at the
top of a bit of tubing (back when I wore my MiniMed vertically, rather than
horizontally as I do now), and they just sat there contentedly as the
insulin flowed around them; didn't seem to affect delivery, either.

OTOH, it seems like a _big_ bubble _should_ block flow altogether, and
should move at the same rate as the insulin does. But maybe not: maybe a
little fluid squeezes around even a big bubble, perhaps depending on the
angle of the tubing at different points. Does that seem reasonable? No? Oh,
well; that's what happens in a three-day work week.

Keith Johnson
Fleischmann Planetarium
email @ redacted
"Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana."
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