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Re: [IP] ouch!

Alecia wrote:

>>I seem to change the site(which takes forever...i'm still all thumbs) and
about a 1/2 to an hour later, the site is very sore to
the touch and I end up uncomfortable and nervous, so
about two hours later I change it again and it seems
fine.  Am I just new and over-cautious or should I
really be switching the site?  Also, could my angle be
wrong (i'm using silhouettes)? <<

Alecia, welcome to pumping.  :o)  I've been pumping for just under 2 months
now, and am also using the Sils (aka Tenders).  I've found that sometimes
the sites can be a little tender and sore the first hour or so, if it
doesn't settle down, then I consider changing it, but I've found that my
sites settle down after a little bit and then are fine.  I've been told, if
you get the feeling that it's pinching, you may have inserted the needle too
deep or too shallow and that causes the pinching feeling (which happened
once to me, when I did an upper abdomen site.  Some pumpers have told me
that rather than inserting at the 30 deg. angle they find it's just as good
at 20 deg.  Remember, YMMV... The only places I have real difficulty with
are upper abdomen sites since I don't have as much fat there.  A trainer
with Disetronic told me to insert those sites not quite so deep, a little
more shallow for them to work better, but I've still had not too much luck
with them.  Sometimes with a new site, the first bolus will burn or sting a
bit, but that also settles down for me as well.  Most of the time when
wearing Tenders, I never feel them at all and have to check to see where
they are...

RoseLea and Max...

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