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I missed this letter because I think I was sick and then on IP ADMIN duty.
Will someone please privately email it to me please?
Thank you,
email @ redacted

At 03:10 PM 06/29/2000 -0400, you wrote:
>A "Letter to Emergency Room Staff " was published in Diabetes Forcast in
>1994 and was written by E. Etkind, MD Clinical Professor of Medicine at
> It contains very explicit explanations and directions that anyone could 
>follow.  There are also warnings about discontinuing pump and tells the
>what happens if they do.  It explains what bolus to give for the particular 
>individual in various situations.  It also instructs the staff that patients 
>must continue their own blood glucose measurements used to determine the 
>boluses and assures the staff that the patient knows exactly what they are 
>doing.  It includes 1) a signature block for the doctor with address and 
>phone no., 2) patients signature, 3) information on the pump manufacturer
>how to reach them.  I will be happy to post it if there is enough interest.  
>I received a copy from the MiniMed trainer.

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