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Re: [IP] Trigger finger...er, thumb?

I had this problem back in Nov of 99 and had x-rays done on the finger and 
was diagnosed as having arthritis.  It then started recurring about 2 months 
ago.  I had pains and very bad clicking like feeling and every once in a 
while would lock into position.  Both times was treated with cortisone shots 
at the both joints at the thumb.  Doctor said if it comes back surgery would 
be the next option.  The corisone shot does work except your blood sugar may 
raise for a couple of days.  This may be what you are experiencing - but 
YMMV and I suggest you see a doctor on this because it may be something 

>I am looking for any close-up-&-personal info from anyone here who has
>experienced "trigger finger".  I see my regular doctor tomorrow, & I need 
>see if that might be what is happening with my thumb.  I had problems with
>it a month or so ago & we thought it was broken - treated it that way
>(splint, etc.).  The thing that is happening now is that it is more often
>than not "locked" into a position (either bent or straight), & to shift it
>to the other position there is sort of a "snapping/clicking" effect that
>doesn't feel terribly good. 
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