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Re: [IP] Re: Breast sites

I really doubt body image has anything to do with not wanting to insert
cannula's in one's breasts.  I know the choice not to has nothing to do with my
body image.  In fact, the only place I suffer from poor body image is my
stomach.  It's totally disfigured from major surgeries.  I still manage to
insert cannula's there.  For me, not wanting to insert a needle into my breast
has to do with the fear of pain.  I realize many have said that it does not
hurt but breasts are very sensitive (at least mine are) and I am not interested
in poking them.
A woman who has a hard time picturing a needle going in my breasts.

>  I also think that for
> people who feel wary of using breast sites, the fear may be because for
> that person, using the breast sites may not be good for body-image. That's
> how I feel. YMMV - Maura

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