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Re: [IP] Ace inhibitors

My doctor(s) didn't think I needed it either and I went from doc to doc 
trying to find one that would put me back on my Vasotec.  See I had been with 
a fairly proactive doc that did prescribe an ACE inhibitor preventatively and 
then he moved and I eventually used up my pills and couldn't convince any 
other doc that it was a good idea.  By the time I did find someone who would 
put me back on it, I had indeed shown the trace amounts of protein that those 
other docs were "waiting for".  Since I've been back on the Vasotec for 
almost a year my results have gone back down from the 30 or so mark to the 
low single digits.  I would fight for it if I were you.  Unless you have a 
problem with low blood pressure, I don't think there are any serious side 
affects that would outweigh the prevention of kidney damage.   Good Luck.  

IDDM since July 1976...born May 1975...pumping since March 2000 with Tabitha, 
my blue minimed 508

<<  My doctor doesn't think it is necessary for me as I have fairly 
good control and so far (knock on wood) no problems with my kidneys.  Ace 
inhibitors also make your blood pressure decrease.  I was wondering if anyone 
has heard about this treatment.  Thanks. >>
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