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Re: [IP] Re: Exercise - Eat More Sooner AND Less Later

> > When exercising with the pump and assuming that no change is made in
> > the basil rate: Does exercising speed up the absorption of the
> > insulin so that you should eat more food sooner and less food later
> > (as is the case with typical insulin shots)?
> Michael responded: "Anything that promotes blood flow to an infusion
> site will speed up the absorption of insulin...."
> Michael, does that mean that the pumpee should eat more food now (if
> insulin is sped up now) AND less food later (as less insulin is
> available to be absorbed as it was previously absorbed earlier
> during exercise)?

There is so much variability involved that I don't think a general 
rule of thumb could be applied even to a single individual. For 
example, take the instance of a high bg bolus + meal bolus in 
anticipation of eating when bg's come down -- followed by a shower 
while waiting. The things that come to mind immediately would be the 
size of recent bolus, temperature and duration of the shower, 
previous body state (were you cool, or just finished a workout?), 
how high were bg's (were there ketones) and so on ... all of this 
would affect the speed at which the insulin would take effect.

With some experimentation and good record keeping one could develop a 
guide for themselves for a set of "usual" circumstances, but this 
might be tough given the number of variables. Suffice it to say that 
if you take a big bolus and hop in the hot tub, you will probably 
come down much faster than if you are just sitting around watching 
TV. Even just the speed of a lowering bg's can produce the feeling of 
a low, even if bg's are still relatively high. 
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