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Re: [IP] Trigger finger...er, thumb?

In a message dated 7/6/00 1:32:27 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< The thing that is happening now is that it is more often

than not "locked" into a position (either bent or straight), & to shift it

to the other position there is sort of a "snapping/clicking" effect that

doesn't feel terribly good. >>

Sounds suspiciously like trigger finger to me.  Though I did have 4 operated 
on (two of which re-triggered after a few years), and too many cortisone 
injections to count, some times I have had some triggering that did not 
progress into a big problem, also.  When one is in the situation you are 
describing, I now first try manipulation for a few weeks: this works best if 
a I soak the hand with a paraffin bath first to loosen it up, then manipulate 
the finger (or thumb) back between the open and closed positions for a few 
minutes using the other hand.  (In the beginning I also squeezed a double 
ball of silly putty first for a few minutes -- I guess another doctor didn't 
feel this was important, and I don't notice any difference since stopping.)  
I usually end with pressing my hands together in a praying position a number 
of times - I also have Duputreyn's Contracture, which I gather tends to go 
along with this kind of trigger finger, which tends to keep the fingers from 
being completely straight without working at it.  If the thumb (or finger) 
gets to the point where it is just painful all the time, though, I do go to a 
surgeon for either injection or surgery. (has only happened once since 1992). 

Hope yours turns out to be one that resolves by itself!  I would be glad to 
answer any other questions you have.

Linda Z
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