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Re: [IP] ouch!


Another thing I forgot to mention... you will see varying opinions on
how often to change and infusion site.  Some (relatively few) will say
every two days like clockwork, some will say 5, 6, even 7 days.  How
long an infusion site will last varies from person to person.  For what
it is worth, my advice would be to try and keep it under 4 days to avoid
future problems.  I have been using the pump for several years and have
some areas that are difficult to use now because of fibrous/scar
tissue.  I have not had too many infected sites, but I think that if you
leave the set in for an extended period of time the body builds up
fibrous tissue around it (it is a foreign object).  This fibrous tissue
changes the absorbtion characteristics and also makes new infusion sets
tough to insert.

I know how hard it is to give up a good site, and I even sometimes will
use one for longer than I should, but if you give up the site now it
will still be there down the road for you to use again (if you love
something, set it free, etc. etc.)  :)  Some might disagree with me, but
that has been my personal experience.

Best of luck,


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