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[IP] cost of insulin

Just couldn't pass this one up.  In 1965 NPH u-40 was .99 per vial.  When it 
went to 1.10, I was beside myself with no insurance. Now I am thrilled to 
pay, out of pocket $5000 for the pump and $22 plus for the Humalog.  I was 
reminiscing my DM days with my daughter whose son was diagnosed 6 mos. ago at 
age 10.  Our methods of testing were so crazy, Imagine testing urine after it 
had been in your bladder for 8 hrs.? Yes, I know you were supposed to go and 
then go again 30 min. later.  Sorry, when I was going 2 times a day there was 
just no way I could squeeze out more 30 min. later.  I'll take the these days 
any time.  I am 62 and have had Type 1 for 35 yrs.  Just the past 2 yrs have 
been having complications caused by neuropathy (Charcot Foot) and 2 CVA's 
caused by small vessel disease. My numbness on my right side, especially in 
my hand and arm are much better that being paralyzed so I really feel 
blessed.  I am amazed that I am even still alive!  Don't know why I am going 
on and on today.  Guess I am just so happy to be alive and walking, all be it 
with a cast on my right leg caused by a torn cartilage in the knee done when 
I was trying like a dog to loss some wgt and started riding the sta. bike and 
my foot slipped off the pedal and over extended.  Why do I start laughing 
thinking about it?  Guess if I couldn't laugh I'd be in real deep doo-doo.  
Cheers............Jackie P
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