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Re: [IP] ouch!


I have that type of problem too from time to time.  I also use the
silhouettes, and getting the right angle down is a just a matter of time
and experience.  I have been doing this for a while (about 6 years now),
and I can usually tell right after I insert the canula if the infusion
set is going to last or if I'm going to have to change it again within
the next few hours.  If I get a good site, the canula usually slides in
with little or no pain.  If I have pain right away as I am first
inserting the canula, it is usually downhill from there and usually
means I'll be back at it within the next few hours due to pain/bad
absorbtion/blood in canula.  Also, if you are very skinny and you are
feeling pain towards the end of the canula insertion, you might be
inserting at too steep of an angle and hitting muscle tissue.

My own theory is that if I feel pain towards the beggining of an canula
insertion, I have nicked or gone through a small blood vessel (or maybe
small nerve).  I think this because often when I have a pain like this
on placement of the set I will either find blood leaking back into the
canula (either right away or after a few hours), or the site will bleed
like crazy when I remove the canula.  Like I said, it just takes
practice to know what to expect.

I have found that if I use an ice pack to cool the skin down it cuts
down on the pain of insertion and also makes it less likely I will hit a
blood vessel (maybe it constricts them... I don't know why for sure).
This works well for me, but you might want to ask your doctor about this
before trying it.  Also, if you use the ice pack to cool your skin and
then use alcohol swabs to clean the area, it will take longer for the
alcohol to evaporate from the skin (if you put the set on before the
alcohol has completely evaporated, the tape will never stick).

Hope this is helpful.  Good luck!

Best Regards,


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