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[IP] Trigger finger...er, thumb?

Good Morning!

I am looking for any close-up-&-personal info from anyone here who has
experienced "trigger finger".  I see my regular doctor tomorrow, & I need to
see if that might be what is happening with my thumb.  I had problems with
it a month or so ago & we thought it was broken - treated it that way
(splint, etc.).  The thing that is happening now is that it is more often
than not "locked" into a position (either bent or straight), & to shift it
to the other position there is sort of a "snapping/clicking" effect that
doesn't feel terribly good.  I know that whatever is happening here, I need
to get something done with it - I play piano & flute for a variety of
things, & summer is wedding season.  While it's not that problematic on
flute (in fact, if you're going to have a problem with any part of the hand,
this one is the best pick for flute-players), I really don't want to have to
work on perfecting the nine-fingered version of "Here Comes the Bride" if
this can be avoided!  :)

Any info at all about trigger finger would be greatly appreciated!!

Sammi (who fortunately is not much of a typist in the "proper" sense, so is
not hampered at all by a clicking thumb as she writes this posting!)

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