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Re: [IP] Breast Sites

> wow good for you I have been on the pump 11 yrs and boy the stomatch site
> wearing thin .. keeps getting infected sites I move but am afraid to try
> anywhere else I will have to try :-) Julie P.


A few weeks ago I decided it was well past time to give my poor stomach a
break, & got up the nerve to try a leg site.  I'm not sure I understand the
whole psychological thing that made this so scary...these are the same legs
I've been giving shots to for years!  Still, something about the whole idea
was really unnerving...it's always felt best to "play it safe" & stay where
the trainer had first taught me to do it, & where I knew it worked.

A few people on the list were kind enough to send me very specific
instructions about the leg placement that works best for them.  I finally
worked up the courage & did it...& it's wonderful!!  My numbers were great,
set stayed put with no problems, all was comfortable - amazing!  (I don't
know what kind of disaster I'd been expecting!)  I even found that, for me
at least, there was not the major difference in absorbtion rate I had
thought there would be.

I really do understand the whole "afraid to try anywhere else"...but I will
tell you, once you can get yourself past that, the results can be SO
worthwhile.  (Haven't worked my way up to being part of the Breast Brigade
yet...but I have hopes!)


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