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Re: [IP] Children Pumping

Kristin and Susan,

I'm researching pumps for a 4-year-old.  I was not overly worried 
about a lock feature and would not have been too upset to live 
without it.  But on hearing this, I __really__ like the idea of a max 
amount per time period.  To me that sounds much better than a lock 
since it could prevent potentially fatal errors by adults as well as 
by children.  (I had decided on the D-Tron anyway.)

Tim, dad of Trent dx'd 6/19/00 not-yet-pumping

>The Mini-Med is the only pump with a child block.  Disentronic and the new
>Animas both really on a feature which allows you to set a maximum amount of
>insulin that can be given in a certain time period.  For example, you can
>have the company program the pump to allow no more than 3 units in a three
>hour period.  That is their "child lock". Only the company can change this.
>Mini-med has a child lock.  I am not sure exactly how it works but you can
>call them and ask.  I know all three companies, including Animas have videos
>out now, because I have all three of them.  We are researching pumps also.
>When you talk to the pump companies, they will explain the above, but the
>bottom line is, only the Mini Med has an actual child lock....
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