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Re: [IP] Children Pumping


The Mini-Med is the only pump with a child block.  Disentronic and the new
Animas both really on a feature which allows you to set a maximum amount of
insulin that can be given in a certain time period.  For example, you can
have the company program the pump to allow no more than 3 units in a three
hour period.  That is their "child lock". Only the company can change this.
Mini-med has a child lock.  I am not sure exactly how it works but you can
call them and ask.  I know all three companies, including Animas have videos
out now, because I have all three of them.  We are researching pumps also.
When you talk to the pump companies, they will explain the above, but the
bottom line is, only the Mini Med has an actual child lock....


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