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[IP] High insulin requirements

Hello, I am new to this site and have been reading the posts for the past 
couple of days.  I am a 49 yo Type II diabetic using the MM508 pump utilizing 
humalog Insulin.
I have written a couple of long letters about myself but have not been 
successful at getting them delivered. This time I will write a short note and 
see what happens.

It seems I am extremely insulin resistant as I require between 250 and 300 
units of insulin daily. That is if I stick with CHO  breakdown of 60 Carbs 
per meal and 30 carbs for a hs snack. ( I have 210 carbs to use daily)

I have 3 basal rates which total 124units daily.  I have a different insulin 
/ CHO formula for each meal.  Since my premeal Boluses range b/w 42 to 66 
units of insulin, I give myself premeal SQ injections. The pump is mainly 
used for my Basal rates. That way a syringe will last me 2 1/2 days.  ( the 
MM508 doesn't allow more than a 25unit bolus) 

I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes in 1995, I became insulin dependent 
1999.  I started on the Insulin pump 12/99 because I was not able to go home 
on IV insulin.  
It has taken several months but my HGBA1c as of last month is 5.9.  

I have a lot of questions but my first is : Is there anyone else out there 
requiring so much insulin?  It is both frightening and frustrating to be 
taking so much.

I found this site quite by accident and have really enjoyed reading the posts 
of the past couple of days.  I would never have guessed that one could use 
the breast as a site.  All my sites become red within 12 hours. I have not 
been  able to leave the site in one place more that 2 days. I don't feel so 
down since reading that others have problems with their sites. I get the 
impression that the majority of pumpers are Type I Diabetics.  

I am looking forward to being apart of this group.


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