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[IP] Re: Time it takes for delivery

Recently Diane (and several others) claimed:

>My 508 delivers 0.1u per second. So did the 507C that I used.

I've heard this several times, but I still have trouble
believing/understanding (take your pick) it. Certainly my 507C delivers 0.1
unit with every _click_, but I never hear it go at a rate of one click per
second, either while bolusing or priming. I keep forgetting to actually time
it while bolusing, so I can't tell you how fast it really goes, but several
seconds elapse between clicks, I'm sure.

Are you folks overclocking* your pumps  :-)  or am I missing something
simple here? (wouldn't be the first time).


* "Overclocking" refers to computer enthusiasts'/fanatics' attempts to speed
up their computers cheaply by replacing the factory clock timing chip with a
faster one. I did it once, in my Mac IIsi, and it worked... for a few weeks
(went from 20 MHz to 25 MHZ). Then the machine stopped working (the only Mac
I've ever had that did that), and I decided I wouldn't chance it again with
any new ones for a few percentage points in speed.

Keith Johnson
Fleischmann Planetarium, Reno NV
email @ redacted
"Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana."
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