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Hello everyone, I am new to this listing, I found this site quite by accident 
while searching for information regarding high insulin doseage and insulin 
pumps. I have been reading the posts the past couple of days and wish I had 
found this site back in December of 1999 when I started using the pump.

Here is a little history. I am Prednisone dependent due to Rheumatoid 
arthritis and Mixed Connective Tissue Disease. Thanksgiving of 1993, I 
started using Prednisone. 2 years later in 1995 I was diagnosed with Type II 
diabetes secondary to Prednisone use and family history.  Over the course of 
the next few years I ended up taking Rezulin 400mg qd, Glucotrol xl 10mg bid, 
Glucophage 800 qd and tried several other oral meds ( along with diet and 
exercise). My HbgA1c avg 7.9 during this time. Then in March of 1999 I 
started using sliding scale regular insulin. From that point on, my health 
declined and so did control of the Diabetes. Thanksgiving of 1999 saw me 
hospitalized with BG values in the 400-600 range and unable to get the values 
lower. I was put on IV insulin which helped bring the BG values down to the 
200-300 range. At that point I was not only extrememly insulin resistant but 
also developing antiboties to insulin.  The Endo wanted me to stay on IV 
insulin for a few months however, that was not possible due to many factors.  
It was decided to try the insulin pump. So on 12/16/99 I was connected to the 
pump and sent home with some instructions. I can not tell you the anquish I 
went through. It has been several months now and I am finally in control of 
the disease. The pump has been a wonderful lifeline.  However, my concern is 
the amount of insulin I need each day. I have 3 different basal rates which 
total 124units of humalog a day.  I have a different premeal bolus formula 
for each meal/snack. For example I take 5.5units of humlog insulin for each 5 
gms of Carbohydrate. I avg 66 units of insulin for Breakfast, 54 units for 
lunch and 42 units for dinner.  I use the Minimed 508. For several reasons I 
take my premeal insulin bolus via subcue injection. I use the pump to 
maintain my Basal rate and for snack bolus.  I avg anywhere from 250- 310 
units of humalog insulin qd.  

I have a lot of questions but my first one is: Is there anyone else out there 
requiring such large amounts of insulin. My endo told me there are some cases 
and not to worry about the amount of insulin I need to take. He knows of no 
adverse side effects.  By the way last month my HbgA1c was 5.9

2 weeks ago I had surgery on my wrist for Carpal Tunnel syndrome and Ulna 
Nerve compression. My BG values went into the upper 400 and no matter how 
much insulin I took I did not get it under 400, until the endo temporarily 
increased premeal bolus by 3units and increased my basal rates.  I am now 
back to my previous instructions and rates and my BG values are getting 

I brought the surgery up because it seems to me that the more insulin I take 
the more I need. I feel I am becoming more and more insuling resistant and 
that one day no amount of insulin will work. 

I have noticed with my frequent hospitalizations that in general the 
healthcare field is not comfortable with patients on Insulin pump. When I am 
unable to take care of the insulin pump needs when I am hospitalized the 
Doctors end up putting me on IV insulin until I am able to take care of the 
insulin pump.Has anyone else ran into this problem?

Thanks in advance to those who take the time to read this. Just writing this 
has lifted a weight off my shoulder.

Oh yes! I was recently started on Actos. I hope this aids in reducing the 
amount of insulin I take.

Regarding the insulin pump. It requires alot of dedication but it is worth 
it. It is so nice to be able to sleep in, if I want to. If I was not an RN, I 
believe I would never have made it past the 1st month  of using the pump 
because I had no support. I was given the pump and sent home after 1 training 
session. I did have an RN to call for help (courtesy of Minimed) The book on 
Insulin pumps put out by minimed was well worth the money I spent to get it.  

Diane Holcomb
Type II Diabetic as of 1995
Insulin Dependent since 3/99
Minimed 508 using Humalog insulin.  

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