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Re: [IP] Children Pumping

HI Susan,

Just my topic... 10 year olds on pumps!  :-)

Actually, Kristina is a very responsible pumper!  If Cory can use the computer and is capable of doing his own shots, he's WAY ahead of the game and probably won't even need to be locked out of his pump!  I worried about that too but as it turns out, it was never anything to be concerned about!  Just remember that you can't just turn over the pump to him without supervising him anymore!  I prepared Kristina by having her do her own shots with a pen and letting her dial it up herself!  It was her responsibility to dial up the amount I told her and then show it to me so I could double check it!  It turned into a great habit that she used with other adults and even other kids, if she was desperate!  I'd be on the phone, tell her how much, she'd show it to ANY adult or child who could read numbers so they could see the number was in the window that was supposed to be and then she'd give it to herself!  We do the exact same thing with the pump now!  I tell her how much to have, s!
 pushes the buttons and then shows it to me and then presses the act button!  OR... if she's on the phone or even across the room from me, she will now just repeat the amount I just told her when she's got it in the window!  It has worked very well and even with her telling me what's in the window, I've caught mistakes enough to where she can correct it!  She doesn't press the act button till I say ok and I listen for the beep, whether I"m on the phone with her or across the room!

She IS always supervised though!  We had a part time school nurse this year who arranged her schedule so she was there when Kristina had her morning snack till after Kristina's lunch!  We trained one of the secretaries and the substitute nurse all about the pump too!  Our nurse and the elementary school nurse both went to talk with our doctor about the pump also!  So it worked out really well!  All I mainly needed was someone to double check when I wasn't there!  I usually went to school at lunch time but toward the end of the year, I wasn't at school once a week and she just would phone me when it was time for snack or lunch, tell me what her blood sugar was, what she ate (I let her phone AFTER lunch) and then I'd tell her what insulin to have!  Someone would look over her shoulder or she'd just tell it back to me and I"d listen for the beep!  It worked VERY well!!  It really didn't take us long at all to get into this routine because it was pretty much what we'd been doing!
ith shots all along!  The pump is less hassle and gives her more freedom!  I trust her more with it and don't worry nearly so much and she does great!  Thank goodness for the clip on it cause it holds on even to flimsy little panties!  She's creative about how she attaches it to her one piece bathing suit when she's just sitting around the house!  I have pictures of her start up and also of a set change but I recently had to move my personal pages to Tripod and don't have them all up yet!  I'll send you the link as soon as I do though!  Perhaps tonight I"ll work on that so the page is at http://melissapom.tripod.com/pumping/KristinaPump.html

Anyway... guess I"m alittle long winded!  LOL  Take care!  Write to me if you have more questions!

All the best,

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