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Re: [IP] die thread die! (was: Cure for diabetes? HA!)

     I have been to every sight I can with a thread about Diabetes.  I
think it is semantics when you say "when".  However the fact still
remains that there is a cure.  They have been doing the implants for 35
years, mostly with those on deaths door.  The direction has changed. 
they have developed a plastic sleve that protects the beta cell from the
immune system.  Developed in Japan.  Harvard Medical School is doing a
study now without rejection drugs.
The concern now is the source of the beta cells.  They are doing some
interesting thing in Bioengineering.  and can clone any cell in the body,
so the source is there.
   As far as the Conspiracy is concerned.  It behooves you to think about
the million or so health workers who will be out of a job.  Our
Government Wont let our economy be hurt this way.  They will find an
excuse or some drug company will buy out the researchers.  It has
happened many many times before.
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