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[IP] Meter accuracy

Richard wrote:
I echo the sentiments of wanting accuracy over the size of the drop, timing
of the test, etc. for blood glucose meters.

Next time you are going to a diabetes meeting where the Monitor sales
representatives will be hawking their wares, bring several of your meters
and ask them to run 3-4 tests with the same finger at the same time. Get
ready to see the sales representative to turn red and start making excuses.
Accuracy should be stressed by the blood glucose monitoring companies but
unfortunately they are concerned with the size of the drop, profits, timing
of the test, color of the meters, etc..

Have you ever seen a test comparison of accuracy of the newer
electronic-based meters verses the older light-reflectance based meters?


You are right. The old Lifecan Profile II was very accurate It was the
second meter I owned but it needed so much blood. I would take mine to the
hospital go to the lab and have them compare it with their glucose analyzer
It was almost always "dead on ...accurate" to Quote Marisa Tomei in "My
Cousin Vinnie" Talking about the Torque wrench she used to tighten the
bathroom faucet. selected possibly offensive words removed. the sales rep is
diabetic and is also a CDE. I wouldn't try to make her face red. The
electronic meters are less accurate because of the methodology but look at
the numbers on the standard glucose solution: 65-125 that is a wide range.

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