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[IP] RE: What's Velosulin like?

Ruth said:
<<Yes Velosulin is a type of regular invented for pump use in the early/mid
1980s -- at the time animal insulin were still prevelant and they needed
buffering even more than R or H does.  Now, v still seems to work better for
some people.  IT's never been widely used so you can usually guage an endo
or cde's experience by whether or not they know what it is.>>

Velosulin BR (Novo) and Regular BR (Lilly, no longer made) were widely used
as the ONLY insulin for an insulin pump before Humalog was available.  The
buffering was added to compensate for reactions with the infusion tubing.
Manufacturing processes for insulin infusion sets were also improved to
avoid the reaction problem that caused the insulin to precipitate and clog
the tubings.

Hope this sheds some light.

Barbara A. Bradley, MS, RN, CDE
(who knows what it is...   :<)

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