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[IP] Evil pump fairy

Just a vent to people, but as others on the list have
experienced recent, the 'evil pump fairy' has been
making recent visits to me.  Yesterday started with me
being woken up to my dad and brother fighting at 5 am.
 As I'm unsuccessfully trying to sleep through it, I
get a no delivery alarm, I'm out of insulin.  Trying
to remain as asleep as possible, I refill.  I check my
bg, and it is about 150.  I finish up, correct to 100,
and head back to bed with a pillow over my head.  I
wake up and I'm in the low 200's.  I look at my site
it looks fine, and figure I just had some air in the
tubing.  I was gone for the whole day.  At lunch I was
in the upper 200's which was odd, but I still didn't
think much of it.  After a very light lunch and a
corrective bolus, I was in the 400's.  Out comes the
site, and low and behold, puss comes out. 
Fortunately, it looks a lot better today, and my new
site was fine (bg came down relatively easily
considering the insulin resistance I always get). 
Then today after lunch I think, I'm feeling so GROGGY
and icky and thirsty... duh, didn't bolus for lunch. 
I wouldn't want to go back to injections, but I still
would love to tack my pump (hanging by its tubing,
tacked by a lancet) and use some of my 'emergancy'
syringes as darts and see how many times I could hit
it!  (However, even if I did this, unless I hit the
LCD screen hard, I doubt I would hurt it... but still
I like the visual ;-) )

Maureen and Jude (who have a love-hate relationship)

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